Soundboard Repair System Topics below: Proper soundboard crack repair Features of this system Soundboard router bit Soundboard shims Air die grinder 3M® Mounting Tape Proper Soundboard Crack Repair Repairing soundboard cracks the traditional way, by carving them out with a hand shimming tool, is tedious and seldom results in a perfect fit between shim and board. To best restore the structural integrity of a cracked soundboard the damaged wood should be replaced with new, joined as perfectly as the original soundboard planks. The router base and custom bit shown here allow you to do just that for quality, permanent repairs. The base is made of UHMW Polyethylene with a metal bracket and special hose clamp to attach your power source. This can be either a small air die grinder as shown here or the hand piece from an electric Foredom tool. For shops equipped with compressed air, the die grinder is the best choice. Air die grinders are compact, run at true router speed, and are useful for many other shop jobs. Features of this system:  The compact design reaches very close to the rim and bridges. The 1" x 1" x 1/8" aluminum angle metal fence (purchased separately from your local hardware store) mounts instantly to the soundboard using double-stick 3M© Scotch #114 Mounting Tape. There is no need to drill holes in the soundboard or rig up complicated clamping arrangements. The Router Base rides along the fence like a mono-rail, guaranteeing complete control with no danger of veering off course. The base has both cross-wise and lengthwise fence slots; this allows the router base to slide along the guide fence in two modes, either parallel to the fence, or crosswise to the fence, depending upon the location of the crack in relation to the rim and bridges. The air tool mounting bracket adjusts fore-and-aft on the base. This allows you to increase the width of the groove up to 7/8" to clean up wandering or multiple cracks without relocating the guide fence. Multiple fence slots in the router base allow routing of two exactly parallel grooves, without moving the fence, for replacement of panels up to 5 1/2" wide. See our 10 page manual, Router Repair of Soundboard Cracks, covering the complete soundboard repair process from start to finish. Download manual in pdf format. top of page Soundboard Router Bit - This tool is now sold exclusively by Pianotek Supply Co. Custom made to our specifications, this bit lets you achieve perfect, machined wood joints in a fraction of the time required for hand shimming. The two-flute solid carbide design will not clog or burn and is ideal for use with our router base. Specifications: two flute solid carbide, American-made taper: 20º  (10º per side). shank: 1/4" tip diameter: .10" cutting length: 1/2" overall length: 2" top of page Soundboard Shims  Discontinued: Substitute Part# BSB-SHS1 from Pianotek Supply Co. 3M® Mounting Tape - Discontinued, available for local purchase at most hardware and variety stores 3M® Scotch #114 tape for mounting the aluminum fence to the soundboard. 1" x 50" roll; use a 1" piece every 8" or so to mount the aluminum angle fence to the soundboard. top of page Go to FAQ topic
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This system is now sold exclusively by Pianotek Supply Co.