This item is now sold exclusively by Pianotek Supply Co. Hammer Tapering Jig Tapering hammer sides is essential for providing passing clearance and reducing excess hammer weight. In fact, generous tapering is the most productive weight-removing option available. For years, most of us have tapered hammers using a sander; and most of us have never been completely happy with the results -- underfelt color stains the hammers, the felt can overheat and discolor, the hammers seldom turn out perfectly consistent in width, and the process generates lots of dust in the shop. This tool solves all those problems by using your table saw to mill the sides of the hammers. They come out amazingly clean and neat, with absolutely no staining and a perfect factory cut look. Although this method may at first sound risky, it is actually faster, more precise, simpler and more user-friendly than disc or belt sander tapering. This jig will fit any table saw and just about any size of hammer, vertical or grand. The miter strip location is adjustable to work in different saws. The width of the miter strip is also adjustable, via spreadable slots and allen screws, for a precise fit in a standard 3/4" miter slot. Some small bench top saws will have much smaller miter slots; for these, the user can make his/her own wooden strip or mount the jig to an auxiliary board, which can be clamped or screwed directly to the saw's miter gauge.  No more staining of felt Fast, secure clamping of hammers in the jig Simple adjustment screws allow tapering the entire length of the hammer or any proportion desired — wide hammers can even be made narrower Perfect uniformity from hammer to hammer Works on any table saw with an ordinary sharp carbide blade Download instructions in pdf format Go to FAQ topic
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