This item is now sold exclusively by Pianotek Supply Co. Hammer Tail Arcing Jig Unless they are ordered pre-shaped, new replacement hammers need to have their tails arced prior to installation. The tail shape of existing installed hammers can often be improved as well -- it is not unusual to find replacement hammers and even factory originals with poor tail shaping, causing poor checking and touch weight problems. This jig allows you to sand a consistent tail arc into hammers whether they are right out of the package or already hung on shanks. Our design incorporates features not found on any other: First, the hammer mounts on a drill stem, rather than a wooden dowel. This positions each hammer very accurately and makes it easier to slip them on and off the jig. In addition, stop screws support the tail in two directions against the force of the sanding disc or belt, ensuring absolute accuracy and consistency of tail shape throughout the set. Next, this jig will accommodate hammers already mounted on shanks, as shown in the drawing below. This comes in very handy when you need to correct someone else's poor tail shaping job or trim down moldings to correct a touch weight problem. Finally, a simple screw allows continuous adjustment of tail radius from 2 3/8" to 4", to suit a wide variety of existing molding shapes and tail lengths. This screw also allows fine adjustment of sanding depth, useful to maintain desired tail thickness when going from bass to tenor, and angled sections to straight. This eliminates trial and error C-clamp adjustments used with most home made jigs. The Hammer Tail Arcing Jig will work on either disc or belt sanders, and comes with detailed instructions. (Requires counter-clockwise disc rotation.) Download instructions in pdf format
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