Key Clamps - Discontinued, we are presently looking for an alternate manufacturer and expect to see this product back on the market sometime in 2016 These clamps hold keys together as one unit for such jobs as key rebushing and backcheck work. Speed and efficiency are greatly increased by eliminating handling of individual keys, leaving both hands free to do the work. Keys can be easily moved around the shop to different work stations with no danger of dropping and damaging key tops. Carrying handles make these clamps a convenient and professional alternative to the box or shopping bag for transporting keys to and from the customer’s home. When the keys are turned over for work on the front bushings, the bolts rest on the bench top, holding the keys at the correct angle so that front mortises of sharps and naturals are even in height. They’re quick and easy to use. Just lay keys onto the lower half of the clamp, position the top half and swing the bolts up into the end slots. Knurled brass nuts need only be twisted a few turns in order to clamp or unclamp a set of keys. These clamps are made from 1" square aluminum tubing, 28" long, and are lined with sponge rubber to grip the keys. The clamp halves are bowed convex, providing good clamping pressure across their span. Sold in pairs — one pair of clamps holds a complete set of 88 keys, 44 in each section.
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