Pocket PC Stand The popular Reyburn CyberTuner, TuneLab, and Veritune piano tuning softwares are available for "pocket PC" handheld computers as well as the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. You can learn all about these softwares at: www.reyburn.com, www.tunelab-world.com, and www.veritune.com. Once you get your software, you'll need a stand to support your pocket PC on the piano while tuning. This stand holds the PC securely, slips easily on or off, and works equally well on verticals or grands. Four models to fit most pocket PCs plus the iPod Touch and iPhone 4. For grands, just slip the tuning tip over a tuning pin, as shown at right. You can then face it any direction, easily adjust the tilt for best viewing angle, and rotate the PC to horizontal when running in full screen mode. Or, swing the tuning tip back and the stand will sit like a tripod on the plate or strings. The same options work equally well on vertical pianos. Swing the tuning tip back as shown below right and the stand will sit on the lid, pin block, or other horizontal surface. Most convenient and secure is to mount the stand on vertical piano tuning pins, where it can be faced right or left, and tilted up or down. Made of high density polyethylene, the stand weights just under 4 oz. (112 gm). Requires a standard thread tuning tip (not included. Most techs have an extra, or we can provide one for an additional $8.00). Four stand models available: The Clips type is available in four sizes: Small:  for HP 1700/1900/4000 series, HP 110, 111, 114, HP rx3115, rx3417, rx1715, rx1950, series Medium: for HP 2200 series Large:  for Compaq 3600 thru 3900 series, HP h4350, h5150, h5550, HP hx2100, hx2400, hx2700, hx4700, hx5915, HP 211, 214, all Dell Axim, and Toshiba e755 iPhone 4/iPod Touch: Fits devices that measure 57-59mm wide and 7-10mm thick The clips stand holds the bare iPhone, accessory cases may make it too thick to fit the stand. Converting your existing stand to a different model:  If you switch to a different size Pocket PC there is no need to buy a complete new stand. Any stand can be converted to a different size or type just by replacing the clips or Velcro mount (just the top part of the stand that actually holds the PC). Just order the appropriate size "Clips" conversion kit (see order form).
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PC stands are now discontinued, however we do have a few spare parts available. Call or email to inquire.